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Please talk to us however the following will help:

How do I know if I need to come into the Refuge?
YOU should feel safe in your own home, if you don‘t – The Refuge is a safe haven offering caring support for women with or without children escaping domestic abuse.
Can I talk to someone before I come in?
Yes. The Refuge is a confidential service which offers support, advice and safe accommodation to victims of domestic violence 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Many women contact us by phone we offer the opportunity to talk in confidence about what is happening, either over the phone or arranging a time to meet and chat in confidence. You do not have to stay at the Refuge to receive our support.
When can I come into the Refuge?
Anytime, a member of staff or support worker is here 24 hours a day.
Who can stay at the Refuge?
The Refuge is open to any woman, married or single, with or without children. The Refuge has an equal opportunities policy however some women with drug, alcohol or mental health problems may be referred for specialist support.
What to expect?
The Refuge has 5 bedrooms, two large lounges, a large kitchen with allocated cupboard space and children’s play room together with a secured outside area.
Can I bring my children?
Yes, age restricted to 14years for boys.
Will it be confidential?
Yes, Refuge support is a private and confidential form of help. We do not tell other people anything about you unless there are circumstances where you or a third party (often a child) are at serious risk of harm. In these circumstances we would talk to you about the concerns and how jointly they can be managed.
How safe is the Refuge?
The Refuge is a safe place to stay with a support worker onsite day and night – the address is never advertised.
Are there any restrictions to the times I can come in?
No, you can come in day or night 24/7 for emergency accommodation.
How much will it cost?
Being a charitable organisation we charge a small amount of rent which goes towards maintaining our service.
What if I have no money?
If this causes any concern a support worker will always be available to talk this through with you.
Can family and friends visit?
No friends or relatives (other than your children) whether male of female, are allowed into the Refuge; respecting other residents’ confidentiality and safety at all times.
Is there a secure play area for children?
Yes, we have a well equipped playroom inside and an outside secure play area with safety matting.
Can I still go to work and my children to school?
Whilst staying at the Refuge women and children can continue with their own routine as much as possible. Yes you will be expected to shop, cook and clean up after yourself as you would in your own home. The Refuge cannot offer babysitting and the children will be solely your responsibility.
Do I bring my own food?
Yes, you will be expected to shop for your own food.
Do I have my own room?
Yes and if your children are with you a family room will be allocated where possible.
I am presently on holiday in the Island, is the Refuge just for local residents?
This support is offered to any woman who needs our services.
What support is available after I leave the Refuge?
GWR is open to ex‑residents for on‑going emotional and practical support. Ex‑residents are free to call in to speak to staff or conversely arrangements can be made through our outreach programme to meet in the community at a mutually convenient location.
How long do women stay?
This varies from days to months, depending on the individual woman’s circumstances. Some women return to their partners whilst others take legal action to seek a divorce and/or evict their partner from the family home. Others may relocate. Whatever their choice, GWR aims to empower them to make an informed decision and refer them to other agencies where appropriate.